Peräkorpi / Jokirinne Weather Station:

This page contains information collected from Davis Vantage ProII wireless weatherstation located at Rajamäki, Finland ( 60 30 21 N 024 43 57 E )
Outside temperature, humidity, solar power, uv radiation, rain and wind probes are located 4 m above ground.
The rain probe is not heated, it's not realiable in snowfall when temperature is below 0 °C !

The systems runs meteo-0.9.16 package with mysql database on a Linux OS.
New readings are added to database every minute.

You can also browse the weather data stored in database with the Meteobrowser !

Latest readings from station:

Weather Data of Peräkorpi

Readings at Thu Jul 19 18:31:23 EEST 2018

Temperature outside 27.84 °C
Dewpoint 14.5 °C
Wind 2.1 m/s
Wind gust 3.13 m/s
Wind direction 123 deg
Barometer 1008.50 mb
Humidity outside 44.00 %
Daily Rain ( rain in mm per day ) 0.00 mm
Solar Power 68.07 W/m^2
Radiation 0.60 UV index
Temperature inside ( Jokirinne ) 25.22 °C
Humidity inside ( Jokirinne ) 37.00 %

Latest graphs created from average database

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Temperature inside
Humidity inside

Yearly graphs are here